4SM Wins British Skin Foundation Grant

We are excited to announce that we have won a research grant from the British Skin Foundation to continue our research and development of a gas plasma-based wound care product. This 3-year grant will focus on looking at how the balance of microbes on the skin can affect the ability of a wound to heal and how plasma can help sterilise against the range of bacteria that can be found within a wound.

The grant fully funds a PhD level study which will be jointly supervised by Dr. Matthew Hardman from the University of Hull and Dr Thomas Harle, CTO of Fourth State Medicine. The British Skin Foundation funding has provided access to University of Hull’s excellent facilities and links, accelerating the development of the wound care product. 

We are particularly pround of the fact the peer reviewed application was the number 1 ranked project of those selected for this sought after grant...not that we're bragging of anything.