4SM Wins MedCity Grant

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured funding from the MedCity Collaborate to innovate scheme to allow a collaboration between Fourth State Medicine and Queen Mary university. We will be working closely with skin expert Dr. Rosalind Hannen to build our clinical evidence to aid the development of our plasma wound care products.The study will cover both the fundamental interactions of plasma with cells as well as looking at advanced wound models to assess healing rates and antimicrobial action.  Of the 16 projects that were funded ours was (again!) the number 1 ranked project- Riam Kanso had this to say about us:

“Fourth State Medicine with Dr Rosalind Hannen from QMUL submitted an excellent application to the Collaborate to Innovate Programme, which will investigate the role of plasma on wound healing for diabetic patients. Their project was the top-ranking one amidst the pool of applications, and we wish them the best of luck in what we hope to be a long and exciting collaboration”

Dr Riam Kanso, Programme Manager of Collaborate to Innovate, MedCity

MedCity’s Collaborate to Innovate programme is in collaboration with Kings College London, Imperial College, Kings College London and Queen Mary University of London and is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and part-funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). Please click here to find out more

4SM Wins British Skin Foundation Grant

We are excited to announce that we have won a research grant from the British Skin Foundation to continue our research and development of a gas plasma-based wound care product. This 3-year grant will focus on looking at how the balance of microbes on the skin can affect the ability of a wound to heal and how plasma can help sterilise against the range of bacteria that can be found within a wound.

The grant fully funds a PhD level study which will be jointly supervised by Dr. Matthew Hardman from the University of Hull and Dr Thomas Harle, CTO of Fourth State Medicine. The British Skin Foundation funding has provided access to University of Hull’s excellent facilities and links, accelerating the development of the wound care product. 

We are particularly pround of the fact the peer reviewed application was the number 1 ranked project of those selected for this sought after grant...not that we're bragging of anything.

4SM Present at the BAPRAS Winter Scientific Meeting 2015

BAPRAS, or more succinctly put the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons is the voice of plastic surgery in the UK and attended by an international audience. 4SM also presented the following article "Translation of Advanced Space Technology to Burns, Trauma and Aesthetic Medicine", Dr. Thomas Frame et.al.

Follow this link for more information:

4SM go to CCR and Medica

4SM ventured out to the world of cosmetic surgery, looking at everything from competing machines and procedures to consumables and “widgets” to include in our development pathway. The Clinical Cosmetic & Reconstructive (CCR) Expo and MEDICA gave us an amazing platform to showcase our technology, meet potential customers, partners and helped to gauge competition.