• Quick and efficient treatment
  • No charring of the skin
  • Energy delivery is skin tone independent.
  • High repeatability and consistent energy delivery
  • Provides for minimally invasive and resurfacing capabilities.
  • Non-slip foot switch or integrated hand piece activation switch
  • Simple setup and user friendly touch screen interface
  • No harmful reflections and treatment room requirements


  • Removal of rytids fine lines and wrinkles
  • Perioral and periocular treatments 
  • Smoothing of acne scars
  • Regeneration of epidermis, elastin and collagen


  • Three easy to use consumable elements
  • Treatment cores last 10 patients - fit at the start of your patient list and use for the rest of the day
  • Conveniently sized gas cartridges are easy to install and recyclable
  • Low cost and hygienic patient interface spacers click into place and rotate into convenient positions
  • No shelf life or special storage requirements.
  • Specially formulated after-care creams minimise recovery times and follow-visits

Treatment Steps

Step One
Fit the treatment core for use on the full day’s patients (core lasts ten patients) - simply push in and twist until it locks. Then fit the hygienic spacer for that patient.

Step Two
Login with your unique PIN code received after completing your short training course.

Step Three
Follow the intuitive touch screen process —this step takes less than 1 minute to get to treatment.

Step Four
You’re ready to go! All finished in under 10 minutes per patient. Use the non-slip footswitch and move the hand piece over the area to be treated