Delivering Space Age Technology to the
Cosmetic and Wound Care Sector. 



Fourth State Medicine (4SM) is an exciting company delivering a new product to the medical sector using our proprietary atmospheric plasma technology. The cosmetic and aesthetic industry and patients are set to benefit from a significant new treatment option available from late 2016.

With strong links and expertise from a number of Harley Street based clinics, the technology is being refined to meet the highest standards for patient outcome. These partners are driving the design and development of the technology to meet their needs, and will be among the first to offer treatments with our new system.

Another exciting prospect is the application of this technology to the wound care and treatment, where we offer a field unit and clinic based unit to provide bactericidal benefit and improved wound healing without the need for drugs. Working closely with the University of Manchester this new product will reduce the use of drugs in a wide range of cases such as diabetic ulcers and bed sores.

The board consists of experienced executives with a proven record of delivering high complexity products in the sectors we are entering and the NHS. 


Executive Team

Dr. Thomas E D Frame
Founder & CEO

Dr. Thomas Harle
Founder & CTO

Geoffrey Drage



Jessica Day
Senior Medical Engineer

Gavin Sandison
Senior Development Engineer

Tom Wantock
Research & Innovation Manager

Ben Anderson
Development Engineer


Jenny Suno Wu
Executive Assistant

Kiran Prinjha
Software Developer

Phillip Thomas

Elsa Joel
Systems Engineer

Genevieve Rawlins
Electronic Engineer


Academic & Clinical Partners

Dr Rosalind Hannen
Postdoctoral Researcher at Queen Mary,
University of London.

Dr Aaron Knoll
Senior Lecturer, Department of Aeronautics - Imperial University, London. Founder.

Dr Matthew Hardman
Reader in Wound Healing -
Director Of Research at University of Hull.

Professor James Frame FRCS, FRCS (Plast) 
Consultant Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon -
The Chelmsford Private Day Surgery Hospital


4SM intends to become the one stop shop for plasma based technologies ranging from non-invasive cosmetic & aesthetic systems and wound care products (phase one), to bespoke solutions for sterilisation in food & pharmaceutical (phase two). These revolve around our core technology IP and will be achieved through B2B, direct sales, research grants and licensing.


4SM is a growing company looking for equity investment to take our first product to market. This next funding round will complete late stage clinical trials, product positioning and marketing. Our current shareholders include the NHS, Harley Street clinicians, and a range of Angels.

Investment/Funding (dilutive and grant), Partner Organisations, Promotion

For more information contact
Dr Thomas Frame
+44 (0) 7921 500837